Root Canals Greensboro

No one wants to have a root canal but when it is necessary, trust a dentist that has completed thousands of root canals with compassion and ease. At DeVaney Dentistry, people who know what they want in a relaxing professional dental experience come to see us for:

  • Expertise – thousands of root canal treatments performed
  • Sedation – for those who have high anxiety we can use IV Sedation
  • Financing options available for qualified candidates
  • With many dental insurances, your out of pocket cost is as low as $200
  • Call today for a quote!

With a combination of experience, gentle comfort, low cost, financing and anxiety relief options, DeVaney Dentistry is the best place to go to relieve your pain when you need a root canal done. You can trust that we will care for you in the way we would treat family.

“Here’s something you thought you’d never read:

I had a root canal on July 25th and I’m thankful for it.

No, I’m not crazy.

I started having pain in my tooth and gum around Wednesday, July 19th. By Friday I was debating whether I should call for an appointment. I decided to just wait through the weekend and see if it got better or worse. It got progressively worse. By Sunday night, the over-the-counter pain relievers and oral pain gels just weren’t getting the job done. I’m sure they are fine products but my infection was worse than I could have imagined.

Monday morning first thing I went to DeVaney Dentistry at Oak Ridge to be examined. Strangely, I was starting to feel some relief. It turns out that the infection had bored its way through my gum and was draining. That took the pressure off and gave me some relief.

I was given an appointment for 1:30 Tuesday (yesterday). Dr. DeVaney worked on me for 2 ½ hours. He was very patient and persistent to do the job right. I felt no pain after the procedure. By the time I reached home after the appointment I was already feeling better.

I can’t measure the difference but it seems that my head cleared and my mind is a little sharper, my eyesight and hearing improved and my appetite and energy are coming back. The point is that I know that a root canal is no fun but you may not realize how the infection is affecting your health as a whole. I believe I forgot how to feel good because of this infection – sometimes you just don’t realize that you have a problem until it becomes serious. I’m anticipating feeling much better over the course of this week.

My family has been going to DeVaney Dentistry for several years now. Dr. DeVaney, Dr. Ibazebo and the staff always take good care of us.

My grateful thanks go to Dr. DeVaney and his assistant Amanda for the work they did yesterday!”

Boyd Evans, 7/26/17